Clean Room

Assembly in cleanrooms is guaranteed, even for small features, thanks to strictly monitoring finishes using microscopy equipment.

Benefits of cleanroom service

  • 01.

    Quality control even on small items

  • 02.

    Assembly in a clean controlled environment

  • 03.

    Certified processes 

  • 04.

    Aimed at the medical/dental sector and all sectors
    requiring a cleanroom assembly service

Certified Clean Room Packaging

  1. 2 class ISO 7 cleanrooms in COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS ISO14644 and ISO 14698
  2. 1 validated assembly cycle for biomedical products compliant with Standard ISO 11607

Process in clean room

The service providing quality control and assembly in cleanrooms is dedicated to companies that need to assemble items in a controlled environment. It is available as a final step or a one-off service.

Thanks to Alticolor's two cleanrooms, in addition to microscopy and optical inspection equipment, the company can guarantee finishing operations, even on small items, and the clean assembly of objects, either at the end of a treatment cycle or as a single one-off service. 

How we support our customers

A multinational laser equipment manufacturer contacted Alticolor seeking a solution regarding the cleanliness of machinery sections where the laser beam passes. Basically with the movement of the laser the dust particles were burning the mechanical parts. Thanks to the cleanroom assembly and cleaning service the problem was completely resolved.

Alticolor treatments undergo rigorous control procedures
resulting in certification to guarantee the quality
of the process management.

  • certificato-uni-en
  • certificato-uni-cei
  • certificato-qualanod
  • certificato-en-9100-2018
  • certificato-nadcap

Research and

Alticolor supports customers in the design phase through processes, analyses, research and prototypes that aim to create treatments that achieve maximum performance and aesthetics in the relevant sector of application.

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Different sectors, same care and quality.

Tell us about your project

We work closely with every company to identify the most suitable treatment to achieve the desired properties for your item. Tell us what you need and together we will find the best solution.

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