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20 years
of research
and development

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With more than 20 years of experience
in the sector, AlTIColor is a specialist
in titanium and aluminium anodizing
and surface finishing.

and development

In our company, research means the ability
to guarantee a broad range of advanced
processes and, especially, the execution
of customized procedures that can be
fine-tuned to match special processing


the union
of craftsmanship
and technology

The distinguishing aspect of AlTi Color can
be found in our versatility. Our in-line
plant with automatic production cycle
programming is supported by completely
handcrafted processing activities, ideal
for high precision treatments of small
production lots. Each stage of the process
is constantly monitored to guarantee
quality levels in line with the highest
standards in the sector.


the environmental

Our company has consistently achieved distinction
thanks to its environmentally-friendly policies.
With two fume scrubber towers and a closed cycle
liquid effluent disposal system, AlTIColor
guarantees a zero impact production process.

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