Increases the performance of components with treatment that eliminates all surface imperfections, increasing the aesthetic and anti-corrosion properties of the item.

4 benefits in 1 process

Thanks to combined action on many fronts, electropolishing titanium improves the natural resistance to corrosion of the alloy and its exceptional biocompatibility.

  • 01.

    Deburring operation that eliminates surface micro-imperfections that could affect the performance of the item.

  • 02.

    Microfinishing operation to remove material from the thickness or diameter of an item, improving its roughness. As the electrolytic process is a racked process, it is compatible with fragile parts that are not suited to conventional finishing methods.

  • 03.

    Ultracleaning operation to remove residue and other contaminants in medical devices and other titanium items, and produce a clean surface free from bacteria which is bright and decorated.

  • 04.

    Finally, the titanium electropolishing process increases its resistance to corrosion. The electrolyte basically removes the outer layer of the metal, thereby eliminating micro-imperfections from the surface which could give rise to corrosion.

Benefits of electropolishing

  • 01.

    Uniform finish

  • 02.

    Improves quality of surface aesthetics

  • 03.

    Smooths off sharp edges

  • 04.

    Improves resistance to fatigue

  • 05.

    Implements exceptional biocompatibility of titanium

Electropolishing process

The electropolishing process on titanium involves the removal of a limited amount of material from the outer layer to eliminate surface imperfections, contaminants, sharp edges, burrs, cracks and micro-perforations that contribute to corroding the item.

The surface that is obtained by electropolishing titanium is smooth, highly resistant to corrosion and free from imperfections that could compromise the strength and longevity of the material.

Since 1996, Alticolor has been the trusted point of reference for companies in need of treatments on titanium components.

Alticolor treatments undergo rigorous control procedures
resulting in certification to guarantee the quality
of the process management.

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The service providing assembly operations in cleanrooms is available for anyone requiring products to be assembled in a controlled environment, and is available for every sector either as a final step following treatment or as a one-off service.

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Research and

Alticolor supports customers in the design phase through processes, analyses, research and prototypes that aim to create treatments that achieve maximum performance and aesthetics in the relevant sector of application.

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