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Customize your aluminium anodizing colours: Alticolor’s made-to-measure service

From black anodized aluminum to gold, red, blue and any other shade in different finishes: with Alticolor's colored anodizing treatment you can get the desired color by customizing the color bath in which the component will be immersed.

In the industrial, engineering, and design world, there are few materials as versatile as aluminium. Among the various processing options one treatment stands out by enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal: coloured aluminium anodizing.

Coloured anodized aluminium: how it is achieved

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms an aluminium surface making it more durable and corrosion resistant. During aluminium anodizing, microscopic pores are formed on the component surface, and these are perfect for absorbing colour.

The anodizing process makes components significantly harder compared to untreated aluminium. The parts are immersed in a colorant bath that penetrates the anodized layer through the pores. After colouring the anodized aluminium is sealed by closing the pores, trapping the colour internally. Sealing further improves corrosion resistance and ensures that the colour remains bright over time.

The 4 properties of coloured aluminium anodizing

  1. Improved corrosion resistance: anodizing provides exceptional protection against corrosion. The layer of anodic oxide also makes the surface resistant to wear and scratching.

  2. Improved looks: in addition to protection, anodizing also improves the appearance of aluminium, with surface effects and the option of choosing from a wide range of colours and finishes.

  3. Improved insulating capacity: the anode layer has insulating properties, providing resistance to the flow of electrical current and heat.

  4. Enhanced adhesion: components with anodized surfaces left unsealed are particularly receptive to the adhesion of paint and glue, making this aluminium an ideal material for ulterior processing or decoration.

Anodized aluminium: available colours

Alticolor offer their customers an aluminium colour catalogue of around 20 shades, with the additional option of requesting customized colouring in a personalized colour bath for the immersion of anodized components. Options range from the traditional gloss or matt black anodized aluminium, to gold, red, blue, and any conceivable bright or pastel shade, with different finishes according to needs.

Whether you are dealing in items for the dental, aerospace, automotive, naval, or household fittings sectors, Alticolor’s coloured anodized aluminium is the ideal choice for companies striving for an optimum combination of functionality, looks, and customization options.

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