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The Sustainable Commitment of Alticolor

Firmly focused on the future, Alticolor has always been committed to safeguarding the environment.

In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006, our primary objective is to promote the quality of life of people through the protection and improvement of environmental conditions and the prudent and rational use of natural resources. This is why Alticolor, in addition to installing solar panels, has chosen to adopt zero-discharge systems, use only green waste disposal and perform regular checks on the fumes emitted by its machinery.

Zero-discharge plants

One of the main pillars of Alticolor's sustainable strategy concerns its zero-discharge machines, whereby all wastewater is collected in special tanks that are then emptied by a company specialised in eco-friendly disposal. Moreover, each tank has a suction system that draws the fumes into a scrubber where they are washed and transformed into simple water vapour.

Tanks with special sensors to reduce water waste and pollution rates

Our systems have tanks with special sensors that detect temperature and pH values, minimising wastewater production and pollution rates while optimising raw material use.

Analysis of fumes

As required by Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006, Alticolor pays special attention to the analysis of fumes generated by its production operations. Understanding and monitoring the environmental impact of gaseous emissions is key to identifying areas where improvements can be made and air pollution reduced. Using advanced technology, the company performs accurate, regular fume analyses to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Waste disposal

Any waste produced at Alticolor is disposed of by external companies duly authorised by the relevant ministries.

Alticolor's commitment to sustainable measures not only helps reduce emissions and pollution in the environment but also encourages sustainable practices in the workplace. An awareness that we believe can be a fundamental step in building a future where there is greater respect for the planet and its inhabitants.

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