The certainty of obtaining brilliant colour and guaranteed durability, the treatment that enables titanium to deliver the best performance and aesthetics.

Benefits of colour
anodising titanium

  • 01.

    Wide range of colours can be obtained

  • 02.

    Makes feature easy to identify

  • 03.

    Clean passivated surface

  • 04.

    Exceptional biocompatibility

  • 05.

    Electrical insulation

  • 06.

    Seizing eliminated

  • 07.

    Feature's dimensions remain unchanged


Exceptional biocompatibility of products destined for the biomedical sector thanks to the certified guarantee of neutral behaviour in the body of items with oxide coating.


Elimination of seizing issues typical of titanium alloys. Precision masking can be used in each process according to individual requirements.

Process of colour anodising

The conventional colour of titanium by anodic oxidation is achieved by immersing the item to be oxidised into an electrolyte solution and connecting it to the positive pole of a current generator. The exchange of current between metal and the solution results in the item being covered with a coloured oxide film, with the thickness varying from 200 to 900 nm in TYPE III oxidation.

Alticolor closely follows oxidation method specifications to achieve bright, intense colours.
It must be emphasised that the colours that appear on the surface of the titanium with anodic oxidation are not due to the presence of pigments, but rather the phenomenon of interference.

Treatment carried out in accordance with standards AMS 2488, DIN LN 9368-4 and DIN LN 9368-7

More than 20 colors
in glossy and matte finishes

Thanks to specialist experience in treatments on titanium,
Alticolor can guarantee an extensive range of more than 20 colours,
which can be implemented through Type III anodising.

Since 1996, Alticolor has been the trusted point of reference for companies in need of treatments on titanium components.

Serving every

Experience of more than twenty years enables Alticolor to support customers operating in different sectors, ranging from jewellers seeking alternative materials to gold through to known producers of titanium prosthetics requiring colour anodising on titanium to differentiate between component sizes.

Alticolor treatments undergo rigorous control procedures
resulting in certification to guarantee the quality
of the process management.

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  • certificato-qualanod
  • certificato-en-9100-2018
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The service providing assembly operations in cleanrooms is available for anyone requiring products to be assembled in a controlled environment, and is available for every sector either as a final step following treatment or as a one-off service.

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Research and

Alticolor supports customers in the design phase through processes, analyses, research and prototypes that aim to create treatments that achieve maximum performance and aesthetics in the relevant sector of application.

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Different sectors, same care and quality.

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