Type II titanium
hard anodising

Exceptional protection against corrosion and resistance to wear - treatment that increases the lifetime of titanium components.

Benefits of Alticolor anodising titanium

  • 01.

    Increased resistance to fatigue

  • 02.

    Increased resistance to aggressive environments

  • 03.

    Elimination of the effect of titanium attrition

  • 04.

    Increased smoothness and lubrication

  • 05.

    Clean passivated surface

  • 06.

    Size of piece stays the same

  • 07.

    Exceptional biocompatibility

  • 08.


  • 09.

    Excellent thermal emissivity

Technical specifications

  1. Anodising thickness  =>10µ
  2. Anodising hardness  => 390 HV
  3. Treatment carried out in accordance with standards AMS 2488, DIN LN 9368-4 and DIN LN 9368-7

Alticolor hard anodizing process

This is an electrolytic process carried out by immersing the titanium item into a solution whose temperature, movement and voltage is continually monitored. 

This type of anodising on titanium obtains an even layer with a typical intense grey colour that enables the component to acquire specific properties and characteristics.

Since 1996, Alticolor has been the trusted point of reference for companies in need of treatments on titanium components.

How we support our customers

A customer needed to increase the oxide thickness on some items to increase their biocompatibility. We worked together with Padua University's faculty of engineering, studying and finalising a new process that resulted in obtaining an oxide thickness of 10 micron, instead of the 5–6 micron produced with conventional methods.

Alticolor treatments undergo rigorous control procedures
resulting in certification to guarantee the quality
of the process management.

  • certificato-uni-en
  • certificato-uni-cei
  • certificato-qualanod
  • certificato-en-9100-2018
  • certificato-nadcap


The service providing assembly operations in cleanrooms is available for anyone requiring products to be assembled in a controlled environment, and is available for every sector either as a final step following treatment or as a one-off service.

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Research and

Alticolor supports customers in the design phase through processes, analyses, research and prototypes that aim to create treatments that achieve maximum performance and aesthetics in the relevant sector of application.

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Tell us about your project

We work closely with every company to identify the most suitable treatment to achieve the desired properties for your item. Tell us what you need and together we will find the best solution.

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