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Alticolor’s new Industry 4.0 machinery: benefits for company and customers alike

The two machines will revolutionize our production process with benefit Alticolor’s customers in terms of efficiency and safety.

Alticolor’s highly advanced machine fleet announces the arrival of two Industry 4.0 technological systems. These machines will not only revolutionize our production process but also benefit Alticolor’s customers.

The future of passivation

A new specialized system for the passivation process, which is crucial for treating and improving the surfaces of items in titanium, aluminium, copper and brass. This machine is fundamental for processing parts for use in the biomedical sector and equally important in a wide range of other fields, including the aerospace sector.

Alticolor’s new Industry 4.0 passivation system

Comprising 9 baths, two item loading and unloading stations, and a dedicated drying chamber, the 4.0 passivation system automatically carries out all the stages of washing, rinsing, passivation treatment, and drying.

Maximized traceability and safety

The innovative technology of the passivation system enables real-time traceability of every process flow. All the data are meticulously recorded and associated with the relevant work order, code by code, lot by lot. 
The new system also maintains an archive of data for all the years required for specific certifications.

Thanks to Alticolor’s adoption of the Substitute Filing Manual, the data are stored in a time-stamped database system, ensuring maximum protection, accessibility, and readability for at least 50 years from the filing date. There is a safe back-up system as described in detail in Alticolor’s PR01 procedure. It is also possible to generate clear printouts of the digital data at any time.

Clean Room with Industry 4.0 technology

Alticolor again chose Industry 4.0 technology for their clean room where treatments destined for the biomedical sector are carried out. The clean room ensures constant monitoring of the quality of the work environment. This effectively zeroes process variables that depend on ambient conditions.

How customers benefit from the new technologies introduced into the Alticolor machine fleet

The two new systems applying Industry 4.0 technology guarantee top quality certified products, while at the same time ensuring maximum transparency for customers thanks to the possibility of accessing data from each stage in the process, thus guaranteeing full analysis and traceability of finished items.

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